Getting It Together Mentoring Program

Best Practice and Theoretical Support

In October 2015 an evaluation of the Have a Fair Go at Life Mentoring Program revealed that young people on the program experienced high levels of satisfaction with their mentors and the overall mentoring experience.

  • 57% indicated that they were “very satisfied” with the support they received
  • 43% said they were “satisfied” with the support they received
  • 100% were “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with the support they received

All young people responded that they were satisfied with their mentors, rating them highly in the following areas:

  • listening
  • being there for them
  • treating them with respect

Mentors also experienced a high level of satisfaction and all agreed that they would participate again should the program be offered in the future.

All (100%) agreed that their reasons for becoming a mentor (to make a valuable contribution to the community and to gain a strong sense of personal achievement) were fulfilled in their time on the program with two thirds “agreeing” and one third “strongly agreeing” with this. All agreed that they had gained valuable insights and understandings into the issues facing young people today as a result of their involvement as mentors.